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Back to school.

Today we cleaned 8 single ovens & hobs at a school in Oxfordshire. We never know what we will encounter at schools. Sometimes they are in a really bad way as the students don’t clean up after themselves and sometimes they are surprisingly only mildly dirty.

The ovens & hobs we cleaned today were average, which meant we were able to clean them all in one day. It was tough going trying to do so many ovens in one day and required extra working hours, but it is well worth it and the students next term now all have clean ovens at their disposal.

The good thing about cleaning ovens located together is that all the removable parts can be placed in the dip tank in one go and can be left inside for a long time meaning that there is no extra scrubbing to do at the end of the job.

Oven Ready offer a discount on current prices to educational institutions.

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