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Avalanche oven cleaner

This week we experimented with a product called Avalanche Oven Cleaner. It is non-toxic and designed for domestic and industrial use. We tried it on two domestic ovens only, located in our garage. One was very dirty with well baked on carbon and the other was of average dirtiness equivalent to 6 months of grease and carbon.

The product has to be brushed on liberally to a warm oven and left for 30 minutes, which is a bit too long for our liking, as it means twiddling your fingers while the formula gets to work. The product was applied fresh with no previous blading or scraping of the oven. Then a green scourer and wire wool was used to try and remove the carbon. Some of it came off in both ovens without too much elbow grease but there was still a lot of remaining carbon that was solid. So it worked in patches.

Other surfaces of the oven were then scraped and bladed and the solution applied to the remnants left. Solution applied liberally again and left for 30 minutes. We attempted to remove the remaining carbon using green scourers and wire wool. The ovens did become clean after some hard elbow grease, however the product is no better than our current method whereby we do not have to wait 30 minutes while the solution gets to work.

Pros : Can remove some baked on carbon without any elbow grease.

Cons : Very expensive. Cannot be used on the glass or aluminium parts. Can cause skin irritation

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