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  • Jason Ready

The future is iZettle

We now only take Card, Cash and Bank Transfer payments from regular customers. As cheques are no longer guaranteed by the banks we need to move forward with the times. Queueing up in the post office to pay cheques in each week is also time consuming.

We were using 123 Send machines for card payments but they are costly with the line rental, monthly charge and 1-2% payment fees on each transaction. We are now using iZettle card payments which is better value.

We have portable chip & pin card readers that connect to our iphones via blue tooth. The customer inserts their card and inputs their pin. Payment is made securely via encryption and then a receipt can be issued by typing in the customers email address. They then get a receipt detailing what items were cleaned, exact location via the maps app and then the cost breakdown. All cleaning items can be pre saved in the izettle app and then applied at the time of clean.

The iZettle app via the phone or home computer makes it easy to track all payments made, whereas the 123 send machines only give payment receipts and no details of location or items cleaned so it is much easier to track back. We have only been using it for a few weeks but are liking it a lot and it is much cheaper than the previous method as it only costs 2% for each transaction and no monthly fees.

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