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Favourite oven to clean

Our favourite oven to clean has to be the standard Neff oven. Not the old ones with brown enamel but the slightly newer ones that have a blueish colour to them on the inside.

They always clean up really well as long as they have not been mistreated with potent chemicals in the past which can sometimes dull the enamel and make it harder to clean. I find these Neff ovens are a very straightforward clean with no complications.

The enamel sides and bottom all clean up well. Some models have a grill element on the roof which easily drops down for cleaning behind. Some models have self cleaning liners which can be removed for easy cleaning and they normally come up very well too.

The doors are simple to remove and glass has a very smooth feel to it and the hard carbon usually comes off very easily as well. Some doors have an inner pane of glass which requires cleaning but again this is easy to get to and clean. The rubber gaskets also clean up nice. These ovens usually have nice big bulb covers that makes it easy to get a grip of and remove for cleaning.

The only small issue with these ovens is that the metal strip that catches spillages between the door and the oven is made of aluminium and can rust and go blotchy in colour. All in all though, they are a great oven to clean.

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