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Cleaning inside Teka & Neff oven doors

Some oven doors made by Teka, Neff and a few other manufacturers have very large vents which attracts drips that mark the inside of the glass door. At first sight with some Teka models there appears to be no obvious way to clean inside the door. There are no screws whatsoever that can be removed to separate the door apart.

To clean inside the door on some Teka models, the glass has to be pulled away from the door with a tugging action. The glass itself has spring like clips glued to the under side of the glass and are not immediately viewable. To remove the glass we tug the glass upwards at the end nearest the oven until it pops up, the glass then slides forward 1cm and lifts out.

Some of the Neff oven doors are accessible to clean inside using the same method as above. Quite often they also have a middle pane of glass that is supported by 4 loose plastic corner brackets, which also needs to be removed for cleaning. The door itself has a number of screws but it is not advisable to remove them and dismantle the door on these particular models as they are very difficult to put back together, largely because the middle pane of glass will only sit still when the front and back of the door is attached.

Oven Ready would only advise that you attempt to remove the glass panel from your Teka or Neff oven door by tugging it, if you are 100% certain that, that is the correct method for your particular oven door. If you are unsure consult the instruction manual or manufacturer. If still uncertain thenOven Ready can visit your property and clean the oven and door for you.

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