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  • Jason Ready

Smeg door nonsense

The picture here is that of a Smeg range oven door. This is the smaller oven door that sits side by side with the larger oven. The front of the door has been removed and as you can just about see here the inside has a middle pane of glass which has been slid into rivets leaving a small gap between it and the front of the door. 2 metal plates then hold the glass in place (in this picture they have been unscrewed).

Unfortunately these middle panes of glass are not only slid into place and held there with metal plates but they are also GLUED into place which mean there is no way of removing them! This would be fine if there was no way of dirt getting between this middle pane and the front of the door but that is not the case. Unfortunately there are small vent holes at the top of the door which allow for drips to run down between the 2 panes of glass.

Smeg have confirmed via email that there is no way of cleaning this area as it is not designed to be cleaned. We can only assume it is a design flaw. Not all of smeg doors have this design build, there are many that we can clean fully it’s just a shame when a customer pays a lot of money for a nice Smeg range and then discover that it is impossible to clean inside the door fully and be able to view what is cooking.

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