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Ahoy oven cleaning

From time to time we are asked to clean ovens in strange places. Sometimes in the garden, sometimes in the garage, sometimes in caravans and sometimes on the pavement believe it or not! Last week I cleaned an oven on a boat. The boat was moored up and did not sway like I thought it would when I was trying to clean the oven. However getting in and out of it through a small door whilst carrying the shelves and glass panels was a tad tricky!

The oven was harder to clean than a standard domestic kitchen oven. For a start the oven was not the normal enamel. It was stainless steel on the INSIDE which meant it was very tough work to clean. We only normally come across stainless steel ovens on the inside when we very occasionally clean commercial ovens, such as the Nevada range. In addition the oven was slightly smaller and slightly trickier to dismantle all the removal parts. There was not a great deal of room to move in the boat which also meant a lot of jiggery pokery. The job was completed to a good standard, the only mishap being one of the rubber mats slipping into the water as I left the boat.

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