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  • Jason Ready

Ryobi leave us in the dark

The Ryobi CFP-180FM Flourescent Light is a great tool when cleaning ovens. It illuminates the whole oven allowing us to see exactly what needs to be cleaned. It provides more light than the standard oven bulb and also means we can turn the oven off at the wall. This prevents the oven tripping should we come into contact with the oven bulb whilst using fluids or wire wool.

Although I’m not a great fan of Ryobi power tools these lights work very well and are cheap, along with the battery packs, in car charger and replacement bulbs they are very economical. However in their infinite wisdom Ryobi stopped manufacturing them over a year ago. We have plenty of bulbs and battery packs but we only have a couple of the actual torches left. Apparently there was lack of demand, yet they still sell the spotlight version which is not much good to us.

Makita & DeWalt do a similar Flourescent Light but are much more expensive and so are the battery packs and in-car chargers. As an experiment I have purchased a £10 allin1 version from Aldi! Light, built-in battery & car charger. I don’t hold out much hope for products at that price bought from a non-hardware store but will see how it goes. Ultimately I will end up buying the DeWalt version, everything included at about £250. I just hope they don’t discontinue it one year down the line…

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