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Feel the Muscle

We had a lady phone up recently who had a bad experience of oven cleaning. A chap from the company turned up with an off the shelf aerosol and preceded to spray the oven, shelves and door with it. Obviously this smelt the house out and was not to the liking of the customer whom believed that she could have done the same job for a lot less money. She politely asked the gentleman to leave.Unfortunately the lady in question was some distance outside of our catchment area so we referred her to another TAAOC member near to her.

The standard of oven cleaning has vastly improved over the last 10 years and people rightly so, expect a professional job to be carried out without the use of caustic aerosol products. Oven Ready never use caustic products inside a customers home. There are never any nasty smells left behind after we have cleaned a customers oven.

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