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Britannia Ranges. Worth their salt?

We clean these on a regular basis. These ranges cost a LOT of money so you would think that they are the bees knees when it comes to build quality and cooking prowess. However, from what our customers say that does not appear to be the case. Upon most visits to a customers property, the customer nearly always has an issue or has just recently had an issue with their Britannia range ovens.

I have lost count of the number of times a customer has asked me if I replace elements on these ranges. This is without doubt the most common problem. Nearly always a customer mentions the fact that they have just had to have the element replaced or they are about to have one replaced, once the range has been cleaned. If that is not the problem then the glass has shattered, or the attachments to hold the glass in place have snapped or the transfers have worn off the knobs. There is always something that has caused an issue. At £200 upwards to get a Britannia engineer to come out and fix a simple problem such as an element change and servicing at £180 these ranges are not cheap to maintain.

I have personally also found that when cleaning them, especially around the fascia panel area you cannot use any tpye of soap pastes as the paint lacquer can come off very easily and cause the fasica panel to look faded. The same applies to the painted extractor hoods made by Britannia. The enamel hob racks also looks very jaded over time and do not keep their shiny jet black look as you would expect.

At the steep prices charged and the pitfalls that come with them they would not be my cup of tea when looking for a new range oven to go in my kitchen.

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