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Anyone for German Shepherds Pie?

Recently I cleaned a single oven that was coated with more than just grease and carbon. When visiting a household that has pets there is always a good chance that there is plenty of fur inside the oven. I know how bad it can get as I have a fluffy white cat and her hair gets everywhere, sometimes even clothes still have hair on them after they’ve been through the washing machine.

Anyway, this particular household had 2 German Shepherd dogs and I’m sure there was more of their fur inside the oven than there was on the dogs! It came out cluster by cluster. My bin was full up with fur before I even started on removing the carbon. It’s amazing how it builds up. I can’t imagine the food tasted too good which is probably why they called us in to resolve the problem. As always Oven Ready left the oven clean, gleaming and fur free. It is always worth switching the oven light on and from time to time wiping around with a damp cloth to pick up any hair that may be lurking at the back of the oven or stuck to the door glass. A fur free oven is a healthy oven.

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