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We like cleaning Rangemasters

Some ovens have a dull enamel that seems to lose their shine over time, Beaumatic is a general example. The Rangemaster ovens however, always come up really shiny with a warm glow about them. They are very popular ranges amongst many households and are well priced so it is easy to see why people go for them.

The main oven is ribbed on the bottom with grooves running from front to back. These collect all the fat and turn into carbon, generally these are the hardest part of the oven to clean. Quite often they have self cleaning side liners and if dirty we place them in our dip tank to return them like new. Cleaning inside the door glass is also a straightforward process for us, just requiring the right allen key to open them up.

The hobs are generally enamel although some are ceramic, which personally I don’t think looks quite as nice on a range. Many people attempt to remove the layers of carbon build up on their Rangemaster hobs without success. It can become very stubborn, however at Oven Ready we are able to remove these stains using latest methods. We also dip all the hob burner parts in our dip tank and clean the enamel or cast iron racks the same way.

All in all, cleaning Rangemasters is a job we like doing as they always come up looking great.

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