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Puzzling hob racks

The most bizarre thing happened to me yesterday. I was cleaning an oven and hob in a property that was being prepared for a new tenant. I carried the racks to the van facing each other, as that prevents them from sliding all over the place when I carry them. I placed the enamel hob racks into the dip tank for de-greasing.

An hour later I removed them from the dip tank only to find they were stuck together quite rigidly. Normally they would just slide apart, be washed down and then placed back on the hob. These racks were having none of it. Nope, they were not budging one bit. The curvy parts that point towards the round hob plates were entangled so much that I could not move the racks up, down, left, right, away from me or towards me. I have to say I was baffled and had never encountered this problem before.

I continued struggling to pull/push the hob racks apart without causing any damage to the enamel. I figured that if they went together easily then they must come apart easily, but not the case. I thought that maybe the heat from the tank had made them expand slightly causing them to become stuck and washed them down with more cold water. Realistically there was no way the dip tank could have expanded them though as it is only heated to 90 degrees.

Anyway, after 40 (FORTY!) minutes I eventually prized the hob racks apart and placed them back onto the hob. As it was last job of the day it didn’t have too much impact time-wise, except my chili-con-carne had to be left in the oven a bit longer by the wife. Needless to say all hob racks will now be placed into the dip-tank separately

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