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Today when I was at a customers house I switched the oven on before cleaning and there was a humming noise. I noticed the oven fan was not spinning even though I had put it on the fan assisted setting. The customer advised that it had always done this.

Whilst cleaning the oven with the back panel off and the fan removed for cleaning I turned the oven on again and the spindle spun normally. It appeared that the back panel was slightly warped and must have been preventing the fan from spinning. After cleaning I bent the pack panel outwards slightly so that it would not catch the fan and prevent it from spinning. The humming noise stopped and the customer once again had a fan assisted oven with reduced cooking times and no more annoying humming noises.

Whilst cleaning the door I noticed that the door handle was very loose on one side. As I had the door open in two parts for cleaning, I tightened up the screw inside the door now that it was accessible and the customer was delighted that she now had a clean, fully working oven, minus a wonky door handle.

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