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  • Jason Ready

An AGA day

Yesterday I cleaned 3 AGAs. Two 4 door AGAs and one 2 door AGA. Coincidentally they were all cream coloured, which seems to be a popular colour, along with dark blue.

Cleaning an AGA is a fairly straightforward procedure. Sometimes the aluminium doors and dome lids can be real hard work to clean though. No lack of sweating when cleaning these, as at least one of the doors and dome lids is always really well covered in carbon.

To clean the top of the AGA we use a method of blading, pealing off layer by layer of burnt on carbon and then buff clean and shiny with our soap based paste and microfiber cloths. It’s always good to clean an AGA as we don’t have to place our head in the ovens like conventional ovens. The ovens themselves are steel casts so just need to be swept out as all the carbon inside them disintegrates to dust.

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