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Testing seaweed products

We recently tested a new product in an attempt to improve our ecological profile. The products main ingredient was sea weed and is designed to be used in the dip tank as a degreaser and also as a solution to be applied in ovens.

The solution was added to our dip tank and heated upto 90 degrees. We took the shelves and back panel from a spare oven we have located in the office and placed them in the dip tank.

While the shelves and back panel were degreasing we applied the solution liberally to a warm oven. After 15 minutes we attempted to clean the oven, which was of average dirtiness, using brillos and wire wool. The results were very disappointing. The use of a brillo did not remove anything. The use of wire wool removed some of the carbon, but then I would have expected that even without a product that had been applied. The product did not appear to loosen the carbon at all. It was the use of elbow grease that was removing the carbon. A disappointing result.

After 1 hour we returned to the dip tank to check the shelves and back panel. Again very disappointing results. Both items were still dirty. No inroads on stainless steel shelves or the enamel back panel. The dirt was not very lose and did not wipe off easily like our current solution.

These seaweed products when paid for are expensive. Although we are always on the lookout to improve our current processes and use environmentally friendly products we will continue to use our current non-toxic solutions for cleaning ovens.

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