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Removing Candy oven doors

At first glance there is no obvious way to remove these doors from the oven as there are no catches on the hinges like most conventional oven doors. There are a few screws just above the hinge that looks like they may attach the door to the oven but this is not the case. If those screws are removed then the brackets that hold the door on will drop backwards into the oven cavity and then the door will never go back on again.

To remove these doors we place 2 small steel pins into the tiny holes located in the hinges. Then close the door to a 45 degree angle and the hinges close and press against the 2 pins. Then the door lifts out.

The door has to be taken off to clean inside the glass, as the screws to split the door apart are located at the bottom of the door and are inaccessible with the door on the oven. Once those screws are removed the door slides apart and we clean the inside of the glass so our customers can once again view what they are cooking.

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