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Making light work of it

We now use the Makita torch when cleaning ovens. It has a fluorescent bulb which is replaceable and lights up the whole oven much better than the small lights that come built inside an oven. It also means we shouldn’t get an electric shock from the oven bulb circuit!

After Ryobi let us down by discontinuing their fluorescent torches we had to buy a new make, unfortunately Makitas in-car charger and batteries are much more expensive. We have been using these torches for over a year now and and they are still going strong, although to be honest they are not that expensive to replace, its the batteries that cost the money.

We get good life out of the batteries, one charge will last the best part of 2 days and we still have the original batteries. I just hope Makita don’t discontinue them and force us to buy DeWalt.

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