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How to clean above the grill element.

To clean above the grill element inside the oven we use scraping tools to remove the carbon. Scraping around and in-between the element taking care not to damage it. Then we apply our paste and leave for a small amount of time whilst we clean another part of the oven. We then resume by scrubbing the paste using wet wire wool to remove the remaining grease and carbon. Any remaining solution is then wiped with a wet cloth and then dried. We do not clean the element itself as this can cause damage to it.

Some elements inside an oven drop down after removing a screw or bolt, usually located at the front centre or either side of the element. Other ovens, generally the older models have elements that just pull out. Obviously if the element does drop down or is removable then it makes the process of cleaning the roof of the oven a whole lot easier and is then just the same process as cleaning the bottom of the oven.

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