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Dirtbusters oven cleaning paste

We tested this product recently on two different ovens located in our garage. The product is similar to the product we currently use but has a courser cutting action.

Both ovens were bladed and then the paste applied. We got straight to work cleaning the oven as there is no waiting time like some products.

After 30 minutes dirt was removed form both ovens, one very dirty with hard carbon, the other only had 6 months soiling and grease. The ovens cleaned up nicely, although there was quite a lot of gritty resiude from the paste which took a short while to remove with wet cloths.

The product works in a similar way to our current product but it is twice as expensive as our current product. Dirtbusters paste has a nice lemon smell leaving the oven smelling very fresh. Overall we liked this product a lot and will be obtaining some more to continue further testing on different types of enamel to decide if it is worth persuing in the long term.

Pros : Works as well as our current product.

Cons : Cannot be used on glass or stainless steel.

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