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Mercury Ranges

These ranges are sometimes found in residential properties but are also used in a commercial environment.

The hob racks on Mercury ranges are hard work to clean when very dirty. They are very intricate and require placing in our dip tank to loosen the dirt then lots of scrubbing with wire brushes and wire wool to restore them like new. As cast iron is slightly porous they can only be restored close to their original look unlike enamel hob racks which shine like new. If the cast iron hob racks are badly worn then we lacquer them with an oil (similar to when they are new) to restore them to their showroom look.

The aluminium hob rings on some of these ranges are actually painted black to match the cast iron and look weathered after time. It is a common mistake for people to try and clean these to look like the normal silver effect on most hobs.

The main oven has self cleaning liners. On first sight it appears that there is no obvious way to remove the back panel and hence clean the fan behind as the back panel appears to be attached to the oven by rivets which cannot be unscrewed. However, the rivets are actually just holding 4 brackets to the panel behind it and the panel itself just lifts upwards and pulls out. If the oven is very dirty it sometimes requires a bit of leverage with a screwdriver to push the panel upwards and then the back of the oven and the fan itself can be cleaned.

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