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*If we or our family are showing any symptoms we will not be going to work that day and will have to cancel at short notice.


*We will be taking temperature checks before leaving for work each morning.


*We have hand sanitiser in the van that will be put on before and after each job and we will always use clean PPE (gloves/mask etc) before entering your home.


*We’re asking all customers to strictly adhere to social distancing. We will ask you to keep in the other room/outside while cleaning your oven in the kitchen.

*Whenever possible please allow us to enter through a side/back gate into your kitchen.


*We will spray areas close to the oven such as floor and worktops with disinfectant prior to and after the work carried out

*If you or your family notice any symptoms you might have before our arrival, we will be absolutely fine with short notice cancellations.

*If we feel any of the above has not been met we will terminate the clean immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation during these difficult times.

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