• Jason Ready

The dirtiest oven you have ever seen?

We get asked this question quite a lot by customers when their oven is in a bad state. However I always personally have to say no, this is not the dirtiest oven I’ve ever seen. That is quite simply because when I first started out oven cleaning in 2007, I came across one that was too bad for words!

It took me nearly 3 hours to clean a single oven that had stalagmites hanging from the roof of the oven. The whole oven was coated in carbon that must have been nearly 1 cm deep. Not only was the carbon deep but it was solid, at a rough guess it hadn’t been cleaned for at least 10 years. It was like chiseling cement off the enamel. Even the stalagmites were solid I had to bang them off with a large screwdriver to prevent them cutting me as they were sharp.

This particular oven had self-cleaning liners at the sides and were ruined, the bulb cover was missing and the bulb itself was broken and irreplaceable, the shelves and the fan were badly rusted and the bottom of the oven was cracked and pitted, probably from the use of aluminium foil in the past. The hinges were also bent to an angle over 90 degrees suggesting they were on their way out. Some of the plastic control knobs were also cracked, possibly from the heat due to lack of a gasket around the oven. I’ve never encountered anything quite like this since.

As good as we are at cleaning ovens (and it did come up as clean as you could expect) some ovens are just beyond redemption and when that is the case they just need to be replaced not cleaned.


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