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A bright idea

Can’t change your oven light bulb because the glass bulb cover is stuck? This is a common problem we encounter. After time they can sieze, although the trick is to not over-tighten them in the first place. Most engineers will have a special rubber suction tool that fits the bulb cover perfectly and then twists using a rotary arm.

We use a microfiber cloth and muscle power to twist them. If that does not work then we apply white vinegar to the rim of the cover that touches the metal plate underneath. Leave it for 10 minutes and then hey presto, the cover will twist and can be removed.

Sometimes however the bulb cover can be over threaded, meaning they have been screwed on too tight and the thread has jumped the attachment. The bulb cover will just turn and turn and never unscrew. To remove these we pull the bulb outwards while twisting to re-thread the bulb and then they twist off.

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